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About Us | Dentures Plus Hawthorne NJ

At Dentures Plus, your smile is our goal!

Our Background

Dentures Plus opened in Hawthorne, New Jersey in 2006. Our founding dentist, Dr. Victor Rosenson started his practice with the goal of providing the community with high quality Hawthorne NJ dentures, dental implants, and dental services — all for an affordable price.

Today, we still focus on providing each of our patients with personalized service and creative denture and dental care solutions that are unique to each individual’s needs. We take the time to talk with each patient, discussing their dental needs and concerns, as well as their lifestyle and expectations to ensure satisfaction.

Our Mission

Together, our professional team has more than 32 years of experience providing quality denture care, personalized and hand-crafted dentures, and dental services. Each of our team members shares a common goal: ensuring that our patients are happy with their new smiles!

At Dentures Plus, we understand that you have a choice when it comes to denture care, and we appreciate that you chose us. That’s why we strive to offer affordable, high-quality denture services and dental care – and deliver our services while keeping dignity, compassion, and respect for our patients our first priority.


I have had no issues with my dentures since the day I got them at Dentures Plus. Dr. Rosenson goes above and beyond to make sure you are feeling comfortable and happy when wearing dentures. He makes the visit to the dental office enjoyable and relaxing.

- Eric D. Glen Rock

I would like to personally thank Dr. Rosenson for the fantastic experience and quality work you have done for me. I love visiting Dentures Plus because of the great staff that works there!

- Melissa G. Franklin Lakes

Dentures Plus is the best dental office I have ever been to. The staff is caring and helpful and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. The dentist takes care of his patients with great attention. Thank you Dentures Plus!

-Carl F. Wyckoff

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